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Parent Testimonials

Molly Rossini, parent of Matt Mills (Class of 2009):


My son participated in speech all four years of high school and became one of the team captains his senior year. Over the course of his four years in speech, my son learned the art of great speaking, developed lasting friendships, thrived in an environment of teamwork, and practiced respect for sport and for others. My son describes his time on Coach Baese’s team as the single defining experience of his time in high school. As a parent, speech gave me a fabulous forum in which to be involved in my son’s life. I became a speech judge and looked forward to each weekend my son and I participated in a tournament. I cannot say enough good things about the coaches and volunteers who support the Lakeville North speech team; each of them gives wholeheartedly to the kids involved in this wonderful sport!



Hap Stokes, parent of Kyle Stokes (Class of 2007), Charlie Stokes (Class of 2010), and Thomas Stokes (Class of 2016):


Before my kids joined Speech, I didn’t know what it was.  It’s an activity, but since they have teams and competition, is it more like a sport?


Imagine a place where dexterity of body, resourcefulness of mind and discipline of character are combined to develop skills that will last a lifetime.  Where those who are bested are not defeated, learning respect rather than resentment.  Where the individual learns to team, the team learns to collaborate and the collaboration becomes art.  If it is a sport, it is a sport where no one loses; if it is an activity, it creates bonds like a family.  Either way, it is a place to find your voice.



Ann Thomas, parent of Taylor Thomas (Class of 2010):


The skills students learn in speech; to form an opinion, to find information to support and articulate the opinion, to think on one’s feet, to ‘feel’ a part and verbally impart that emotion, are all critical skills that help students in whatever endeavor or career path they choose.  My daughter’s high school speech experience opened college doors to Mock Trial and radio broadcasting, which are preparing her for the real world. And it's not just my daughter who has benefitted from speech. In my own work as a consultant, I recently met with three individuals from another consulting group who were particularly effective in presenting their ideas. When I queried them about their backgrounds, all three shared that they participated in speech in high school. Speech makes a difference!

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