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What's Happening?

We're getting ready for our first tournament on January 21st!

National Tournament
Louisville, KY
June 12-17, 2022

We had nine members of our team competing at the National Tournament this year.  Here are the results:


Grace Bowen & Emily Nyberg - Quarterfinalists in Duo (Top 30 of 231 total entries)

Gintare Piscikaite - Quarterfinalist in Informative Speaking (Top 30 of 248 total entries)

Aaimah Khawaja - Quarterfinalist in Impromptu Speaking (Top 30 of 402 total entries)

Aiden Clayburn - Octafinalist in Humorous Interp (Top 60 of 242 total entries)

Ankita Gurung - Octafinalist in Program Oral Interp (Top 60 of 238 total entries)

Lauren McCutcheon - Octafinalist in Impromptu Speaking (Top 60 of 402 total entries)

Tharika Arunkumar - Double-octafinalist in Impromptu Speaking (Top 120 of 402 total entries)

Rachna Balasubramanian - Double-octafinalist in Impromptu Speaking (Top 120 of 402 total entries)

Team Award:

Lakeville North earned a Speech School of Honor award placing us in the top 50 of the 1080 schools in attendance.

Congratulations!  We are so proud of all you accomplished this season.

Nationals Speech 2022 - team at Opening Expo.jpg

Students at Expo: 

back row: Aiden Clayburn, Gintare Piscikaite, Rachna Balasubramanian, Lauren McCutcheon, Grace Bowen

front row: Brooke Styer (in lavender), Ankita Gurung, Emily Nyberg, Tharika Arunkumar, Aaimah Khawaja

Nationals Speech 2022 - Public Address at Competition.jpg

Public Address at Competition: 

Gintare Piscikaite, Tharika Arunkumar, Aaimah Khawaja, Rachna Balasubramanian

Nationals Speech 2022 - Interpers at Competition.jpg

Interpers at Competition:  

Ankita Gurung, Aiden Clayburn, Grace Bowen, Emily Nyberg, Ellie Scheldberg from Burnsville HS, who travelled with our team

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