Our 2019-2020 Coaching Staff

Jenn Baese (Co-head coach) - An English teacher of 21 years at Lakeville North High School, Jenn brings an incredible amount of experience, insight, and leadership to the program. She's coached state and national champions and finalists in a variety of categories including Drama, Expository, Informative, Original Oratory, Poetry, and Prose.
Yatesh Singh (Co-head coach) - He came to Lakeville North in 2010 to coach debate and now coaches speech for us. He coaches students in Extemp Speaking, Informative, and Original Oratory, runs our Travelling Team, and handles most of the administrative functions for the team. He is also the Extemp Curriculum Director for the Institute for Speech & Debate. 

Jack Ellis - Jack coaches public address (OO, GS, info), DI, Prose. Jack loves that speech teaches the importance and power of advocacy and empowers students to do so in a competitive environment. He leads a clinician engagement for UnitedHealthcare global.  He loves to read, travel, stay active and play with his dog, Tootsie.

Emma Johnson - Emma coaches Storytelling, Creative, and Humor. One of the reasons why she wanted to join Speech in high school was to help her get over her stage fright and become more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. She says she is so blessed to give back to the team that gave her so much, and to be able to build confidence in her students the way her coaches did for her. When she isn't coaching, she performs as a back-up dancer/singer for drag sensation Roxi Manacoochi, loves to go to the cabin with her family, hang out with her friends, read, play/listen to music, watch TV/movies, go to the theatre, and reads all the IMDB trivia she can! 

Bob Schlichting-Johnson - Bob Currently a Grad Student at St. Thomas for a Special Education degree and working as a Paraprofessional for PreK students in West St. Paul. He coaches Drama, Original Oratory, Informative, Humor. Bob says Speech was a great environment to grow as a critical thinker and to learn about the range of ways he could express himself to others. It was a great activity to build friendships, learn in new ways, and become more self-confident in a way he hadn't experienced before. He enjoys drawing, reading, and gaming with friends.

Travis Fick - Travis graduated from Lakeville North and was on the team for four years. He coaches Info, OO, Great Speeches, and Disco. His favorite memory from speech is beating Lakeville's first Info state champion in State finals the next year! When he's not coaching, he teaches kindergarten in Oakdale, Minnesota.

Meg Krekeler - Meg has coached a variety of categories over her career, but currently she coaches Interp categories such as Duo, Drama, Prose, and POI. She loves building relationships with students and watching them grow (sometimes literally) right before her eyes. She loves that Speech often asks them to take risks, to put themselves out there through stories and topics that matter to them, and she loves that she gets to take that journey with them. Meg works as an Art Director/Designer for a Creative Agency out of Minneapolis and do some freelance work on the side. She has two children (18 & 15) who also do Speech at a different area high school. In her "spare" time she does some acting in the twin cities, sings with her church band, and loves spending time unplugging when she can, up at her family's cabin in Northern Wisconsin. 

Matt Briggs - Matt coaches Creative Expression. He loves speech because it allows him to witness such amazing growth in the students. Speech kids make him feel hopeful about the future! 

Daniel Redfield - He coaches Drama, Humor, Duo. Something he love about speech is watching the students come into their own and get hungry for the next competition. When he's not coaching, he's studying in college, performing in theatre, studying, and browsing book stores.

Charlie Stokes - Charlie coaches Humorous, Creative, and Duo. He loves speech because it is a special kind of rewarding to help students find their voice. In his free time, he has run 4 marathons with varying degrees of success, he enjoys reading fantasy, and finding new dogs to pet. He does work, but it's only to fund his dream job which is coaching speech.

Kate Makowski - Kate coaches Interp, "particularly the sad stuff" (Dramatic Duo, Drama Prose, POI). She loves speech because speech doesn't just elevate your ability to speak publicly...it elevates your life. The confidence you gain from this activity to go forth and conquer is unmatched by anything else she's ever experienced. She's really happy to give back what this activity has given her! Besides working full and part-time jobs, she loves trivia, karaoke, exploring new coffeeshops and restaurants and spending time with her loved ones!