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Word Up Camp


We facilitate a one-day camp for middle school students each fall to

introduce them to public speaking and competitive speech.


Speech is a fun and rewarding experience that develops speaking skills,

confidence, and character, to prepare students for life in the real world. 

Word Up Camp is conducted by members of the speech team and

coaching staff.


What do we do at camp?

  • participate in speech activities,

  • exercises

  • mini-sessions on the technical aspects of speech.

  • by the end of the day, each student has the opportunity to present their own mini-speech

    • each student works one-on-one with a coach to help them prepare

Lunch and snacks are provided, as well as a cool Word Up Camp t-shirt. 

Saturday, October TBD: 9am - 4pm at LNHS


For more information see your English teacher, your school office, or

email us at

2022 Info and Registration:

Updates coming soon to learn more about the 2022 Word Up Camp

Updated link coming soon to register for the 2022 Word Up Camp

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